Day 270 – Saturday

I had some final gifts to get for Christmas so I figured it would be fun to go shopping today. At least I felt there would be some novelty to fighting through crowds of desperate shoppers.

Ultimately it took several hours but wasn’t as stressful as I thought and I was successful.

I also got some final groceries and scored more fresh Brussels sprouts for two pre-Christmas dinners we are doing.

I think everything is now ready for Christmas. I need to wrap everything and there are still two shipments from Amazon on their way. I have some things to cook and will help my mom with her cooking.

I spent some of the evening catching up on my scheduling and writing here. It feels good to keep this blog up to date. I’m also thinking of ways to keep the writing fresh. I’ll admit I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately and have not felt excited about it. I’m enjoying my other writing more. I’m thinking of ways to keep this more balanced.

I think brainstorming interesting topics to cover is as important here as it is for the pure marketing work.