Day 271 – Sunday

I did all my gift wrapping. There is one more package to arrive tomorrow and then I will be fully done.

I fiddled with an online customer / contact management service I’m going to use to keep track of everyone I meet in networking, potential clients, and so forth. Why not just use a contact list? This will let me add extra info per person such as where I met them, when I last contacted them, have I invited them to my business email list, are we doing any business together, and get lists of all of those things. Really, it will help.

I planned out my own social media for Wednesday through Friday. That means, planned, not written. I know what I want to do. It doesn’t seem super daunting. I need to find a couple of hours between now and Thursday morning to write stuff up.

I made chocolate potts du creme for the boxing day dinner. There will be holiday dinners with different (and some same) people from the 24th to the 26th. The chocolate cream pots are a dessert I like to make for special occasions. It’s creme and chocolate and sugar and egg yolks. Baked in little dishes. Creamy chocolaty goodness.

I’ll be getting the rib roast and brussels sprouts ready starting tomorrow morning. For now, it’s bed time.