Day 269 – Writing

So what is this thing with writing and me?

What is copywriting?

If you have ever seen and advertisement in print, or an ad on TV, or on the radio, and words have been involved, those words are advertising copy. The process of creating those words is copywriting. Someone who makes those words is a copywriter.

I want to do that.

I like writing. I’m good at it. And I’ve long pondered what I would do if there weren’t computers or if the Internet stopped or something. As a computer programmer / coder, you are pretty much screwed if that happens.

I get anxious about worst case scenarios. I worry about data loss. (I have two backup drives where I live now plus an additional two backup drives at my girlfriend’s house in Minnesota. If my laptop explodes I’ll lose a couple of weeks of work. Except most of my work is stored online and would be hard to destroy). I really worry about data loss.

I also worry about weird things like what if there weren’t computers. What would I do? What would I do for money.

Copywriting seems like a good antidote to that.

Maybe I’m tired of fighting with computers and want a different challenge.


I wrote today’s scheduled business email at the last minute at 6:25am. Feedback was that it was sort of rough around the edges.  Though that sort of made sense in the context of the email. Which talked about how it was being sent late and why you should schedule out your social media ahead of time to avoid such problems.

I had a really great call with a new member of the team working with my coaching client. She is going to handle social media marketing there and I’m curious about retaining her for my own business needs in future.

I probably spent most of the rest of the day working. The usual…