Day 268 – Thursday

Normally I write these entries within a day or so of them happening. I had pretty rough notes done for yesterdays entry. And then time just blew on by till Saturday which is where I am now. Trying to think back. It’s only a couple days but I feel like a lot has happened.

I’m still recovering from the cold and feel a LOT better than last weekend but I’m still tired some of the time.

I got a lot of my final Christmas shopping done through Amazon in the morning. Out of the large number of things to do, I’m focusing on the most urgent and easy ones to accomplish.

I had an afternoon meeting with my new accountant and Phil my finance guy. We had some tax related questions about how much more stock we could sell prior to year end without a huge tax burden. We got an answer we were happy with and we readjusted part of my portfolio.

Phil and I also had a good conversation about some writing I’m probably going to do for him for marketing purposes.