qJumpStart My Heart | Day 267 - Wednesday

Day 267 – Wednesday

I went to my Wednesday networking group and they had their Christmas event and it went smoothly. They did the traditional game where you pick a gift in random order or steal someone else’s. Nothing else. No special rules. No one trying to be clever. It was fun.  Each of the networking groups has its own character.

I ended up stealing a marketing  book. Someone motivated stole the gift I brought so they could get my free writing offer. Hopefully they find time to call me to get me to do it.

I had an early afternoon meeting with my contractor client and worked in between times until then. We had a good meeting.

Now I have even more to do. It’s been creeping up on me. The contractor wants to get stuff done now. My coaching client wants to get stuff done now. There are some pro-bono projects that want to move forward (letter for real estate guy, website for “marketing partner” mastermind group we want to form). I still have not scheduled social media for the week. I need to schedule an email to go out Friday for my business.

I’m not yet done shopping for Christmas.

I’ll make it work.

(yes, yes yes, busy is good. look at where things were a year ago. I know, I know…)