Day 263 – Saturday

I had a hard time sleeping after 2am but I did sleep pretty hard till then. Around 5:30 I was able to sleep more and got up around 10am. I feel better but am pretty tired and low energy. I won’t write anything today and try to rest.

I revisited an email marketing course I didn’t make progress in several months ago. It makes more sense now with what I’ve learned about copywriting from other sources. I have time so I’m going through it and it will help with the emails I’m sending for my own marketing.

I also played a bunch of the computer game Cultist Simulator. It is very fun, and odd, and about my speed today. I’ve been gradually understanding it more and can very effectively manage to not lose the game through depression or insanity. I finally understand how to research where forbidden shrines and crypts are so I can send my minions to discover treasures and forbidden books of lore (important when the bookstore down the street that sells forbidden books of lore runs out of suitable reading material). And so forth. It’s a computer card game with timers. I know, hard to visualize.

Normally today I would work on my weekly social media posting for my business but there is no way I can safely do that so I’ll see if I can do any tomorrow. Worst case I can do the FaceBook and Twitter for Monday on early Monday morning, schedule the Tuesday email later on Monday or decide the Tuesday email will actually be on Wednesday. There is a way to make it work. Having an overall strategy and plan helps. My research into my topics is still pertinent so the writing will be fairly easy.

I made red sauce for meatballs I may make tomorrow. We still have chili which will last through tomorrow as well.