Day 262 – Friday

I’m coming down with a cold. My mom is getting better and didn’t think at first she had a cold. I’m getting something. It’s slowing me down and making me tired.

This doesn’t change the amount of stuff to do but I’ll make sure I stay rested and drink lots of fluids.

I got all of the access I need to start doing all of the social media marketing for a local building contractor and there are several small writing projects. None of them will make me right however they will be good referral opportunities.

I’m thinking about the social media I need to schedule for next week. Part of my plan, besides doing slightly more social media, is to be more entertaining. Tell more stories. Don’t just teach. I think the teaching stuff I’m doing is good. But it is sort of intense. And I’ve gotten some feedback about that.

So more stories. Like about the networking Xmas party from yesterday. Or feeling wiped out from having a cold and carefully choosing what I work on so I don’t break anything.