Day 264 – Sunday

My stepdad and I drove to pick up my daughter Catherine from Berkeley. I would normally have driven myself but I’m still feeling slow from my cold and didn’t sleep great so it is best I don’t drive. It was a super easy drive there and back and good to see Catherine. (My other daughter Elizabeth flew in last night and I’ll see both of them more this week).

After we got back, I had some lunch, and watched more of the email marketing course. I’m catching up on my writing here and will probably try to schedule out the Monday social media at least.

Some real rain started in the afternoon and was steady until later in the night. Daughter Elizabeth started a test preparation course today in Davis and we texted her to see if she might like an escort or help driving back. At night in the rain that stretch of highway can be treacherous and she just got into town and is probably tired. She gladly accepted our offer so we drove out around 6pm and met up with her when her class ended and then caravanned back. It was nice to chat with her.

I was pretty tired when we got back and went to bed.