Day 259 – Tuesday

I expected to get a call back for my heart stress test and did not. When I inquired I found out that the nuclear medicine doctor needs to sign off and then they will call me. I’ll check back Thursday if I don’t hear tomorrow.

I didn’t have any meetings outside of morning networking so I got a bunch of stuff done I’m happy about. I’m also keeping notes for my social media and business email writing for next week. I have material I could add to my company social media and email this week.

The plan, however, is to gradually increase the rate that I do stuff so unless there is an urgent reason, this week is done and all planning now is for next week so I can do more of something. Something might be 2 emails vs 1 email. Might be more tweets. Might be more interesting looking Facebook posts. Or a combination of all of them.

I had another success today with my pricing making people think about paying me in advance for a slight discount vs paying for services monthly. They are still deciding. I think they are looking to see where the money can come from but I like that it makes people think. For several things if you pay me for a year in advance, you get 2 months free and that has been appealing to several people.

This blog is a bit of a chore right now. Not because of any existential angst. I’m feeling pretty cheery today. Just I’m distracted working on a bunch of other things. The writing I’m really interested in is happening in my social media posts for my company on Twitter and Facebook (LinearWorlds page, not personal profile) and my email list. I’m not going to stop this one. I think the record of what I’m doing will be useful to at least myself. And maybe occasionally interesting to my small readership.

However I feel a little bad that I’m neglecting things here. Not necessarily for the amount of words (this post for example) but just that I don’t know that it is very interesting. Except that I personally see patterns in the posts over time so it is personally helpful to me.

I’ll probably seriously re-evaluate progress at Day 1000.