Day 260 – Wednesday

[See note at end about time travel…]

I went to the usual networking group and it was fine. Then a couple of meetings after including follow up with the building contractor.

We came to an agreement to work together. It is different than I was thinking it would be however it has the potential to be quite lucrative for both of us and I’m happy about that. I’m basically going to have carte blanche to help run his online marketing since nothing he has done up to this point has had any success.

I’m going to start with the obvious places, proper email newsletter, basic social media and grow from there. He also is very opening to continuing to do videos and some interactive quizzes and such since social media folks like that sort of thing. It is a good opportunity to show what I can do.

[Hello from the future.  An intrepid reader pointed out that my dates got out of sync some time ago.  I write this blog 2 weeks (14 days) in the future and somewhere I lost a day.  So recently when you have seen posts titled things like Tuesday, they would actually be posting on a Wednesday.  I had a vague sense of this happening but convinced myself that it must be one of those things where some months have 30 days and some have 31.  But yeah, I know it doesn’t work that way when I think about it.

So I’m fixing it from this point forward.  You get two episodes today and then I’m back to 14 days off vs 15 days off.  Sorry about the gap day back there.  Feel free to email me or call or yell across the room if you think something is out of sorts with my blog.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming]