Day 258 – Monday

I had an early meeting with a potential client, a building contractor, and it went well. We will follow up on Wednesday and decide then if we are going forward with business.

I worked on some pricing thoughts for that job and made “jalapeƱo poppers” for the networking Christmas party I went to tonight. I remembered to wear rubber gloves when making them so there were no uncomfortable mishaps like there were last time.

The networking party was nice. It was better than the traditional uncomfortable office party. I chatted with people. All that is really notable to me is how much more comfortable I am around groups of people, talking, making small talk, than I was 3 months ago. The changes in my confidence are really like night and day.

Admittedly I’ve been around most of these people for some time now so I fit in with the group. But there are still a lot of people I don’t talk with or talk with very much. I’m surprised and pleased at all that I’ve learned.