Day 252 – Tuesday

I had a really good early morning meeting with a potential client. This is related to the MLM meeting I went to last week. I think there are possibilities here and I’m pleased. (Possibilities meaning they need some marketing help and there may be a straightforward place to start).

As of now I have 3 potential new clients this week from yesterday and today and some small amount of homework to do for each to get them to the next phase. The potential client from a couple of weeks ago with the physical store is going to wait till January and that is fine. Not everything is going to close to business.

I worked. The rest of the day went well. Networking was fine. I found I was pretty tired by evening and went to bed early. And then woke up at 10pm. And 2am-ish. And around 4am-ish. And then finally got up around 6am Wednesday. When I go to bed really early my sleep is weird.