Day 253 – Wednesday

I felt really rested today which was nice. Got up and had a quick breakfast before heading off to the Wednesday networking group.

I had regular networking and then a new group that was having a Christmas party with gift exchange. Their focus is Attraction Marketing which is similar to Relationship Marketing and very different from Network Marketing. One of this new (for me) group’s traditions is when everyone goes around to introduce themselves, you can’t say your company name or specifically what service you provide. Instead, speak about your services in terms of what benefits they provide vs what specifically they are. This is important in attraction marketing.

I’d actually done such an exercise on my own before so I pulled out:

“I’m Michael Helmke, you know how computers have changed everything around us? They have revolutionized how we live our lives and how we run our businesses. I help business owners completely ignore technology and computers while still growing their businesses.” People liked it.

Also, at the morning meeting the MLM guy I met some weeks ago praised me before the group and how helpful I was to meet with when he and I met before and how good I appear to be at what I do. I don’t remember the specifics. It was nice of him to say though unexpected. I won’t be able to similarly praise his MLM in future and hopefully everyone is ok with that…

I was tired by the end of the day and went to bed relatively early. I’m getting tired of being this tired by the end of the day. I see my doctor on Friday for a check up.