qJumpStart My Heart | Day 251 - Monday

Day 251 – Monday

I had a couple of good business meetings today with potential clients. Both went well and may turn into business. I have some prep work to do this week and then get back to them and I’m optimistic.

I was supposed to have a Dr appointment today for a general physical to check me out. I’ve felt I’ve had a little bit harder time breathing which may be left over from all of the smoke that finally got to be less smoke last week. I’m coughing still. However, Dr was sick and I didn’t get a call which surprised everyone in office. So I drove across town twice in one day with appointments spread out. Dr rescheduled for Friday.

Still a pretty good day. I even got the two letters done that I want to use as part of my Holiday gift exchange in the networking Holiday parties that are happening over the next 3 weeks. One this week, one or two next week and two or three the following. 5 parties, 4 gift exchanges. Book + product offer from me. I’m curious if anyone will take me up on my offer of either a free one page web page or time writing or re-writing your small to medium sized marketing writing project.