Day 250 – Sunday

I did some shopping to get gifts I need for the series of networking group holiday parties and found a couple of things. Along the way I realized that my inner monologue was trying to kick my ass.

I pre-scheduled this weeks upcoming social media posts for my business yesterday. And at some point I realized it was trying to bring me down by saying that I’m doing this social media stuff now but it hasn’t gotten me any business so what is the point. What?

I metaphorically yelled back, in my head, that nothing is scheduled to go live until Monday, we need to let the social media go for at least a couple of months (i.e. keep doing this as one of my regular tasks) in order to evaluate what is working. And to complain before it all even starts is, literally, insane.

Yes, I was talking to myself in my head. At least I’m conscious of it as well as the absurdity of what my inner monologue was complaining about.

I made roast pork and a vegetable curry for dinner. Both were good.