Day 247 – Thursday

I slept really well. Better than I have in quite some time. The air is clear. I wasn’t full of Vitamin B12. I felt more rested today than I have in quite a few days. It was marvelous.

Networking was good and I set up two meetings next week with some people there who want to talk about potential projects. I also have a meeting tomorrow with my potential marketing partner. I keep thinking I’ll cut back on the 3 morning networking groups a week but then thinks keep happening that give me reason to go back.

I also got my first email for my business email list scheduled. I was pleased it didn’t take long to write. My real audience for that list only contains one person so far. However, I need to market to the list if ANYONE is on it so this is a good exercise. I am realizing that I should not spend any excessive time trying to get any one particular marketing email or social media post or things like that perfect. With things like this, I’m doing a series of them. Some will be better than others. And I’ll get better at doing them with practice. So don’t agonize over the particulars, get them out, do your best, and improve over time. That is my approach.

I spent the rest of the day working and on some research. It was good.