Day 246 – Wednesday

I did not sleep very well. Late in the day my girlfriend Chris and I brainstormed and decided it was the healthy health supplement that I tried a sample of at the MLM meeting last night. That makes sense and that they would formulate it that way. It is supposed to make you feel great, cure all manner of ailments though they can’t make any medical claims, and make you feel energized. Lesson learned, BIG doses of vitamin B12 are an effective stimulant. Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight.

Networking was fun. I drafted a really clever 30-second commercial about myself in my head driving there which I was unable to deliver and fell back on generic. The continued lesson learned is that clever takes practice. But it was a good meeting.

After I went to lunch with my financial advisor. That was fun and a chance finally to talk more about his business and what he is doing. We had a good conversation.

Then rest of the day working and going to bed pretty early.