Day 245 – Tuesday

I worked on a client’s website for too long today. I started out last week when I talked to her with an idea of what should be possible for a page she wants to showcase her social media posts and other favorite content. I looked at it and it looked straightforward. There are some built in components that should work for all of it.

Easy. No problem.

Several hours later I’ve revised how I’m going to solve it. Computers can be incredibly frustrating. I’ll get it working, it just takes a while sometime. If I had built the website from scratch it would have been more straight forward. The built in components in my world work better.

In the evening I went to a sales presentation for an MLM I’m not going to join but visited as research. There is a possible business opportunity helping out someone there to get more sales. This is an experiment. Their presentation is good and I can see some ways to help out. I also don’t see it as a fake business they way I do for some of the things for sale I see being marketed this way. We (my prospect) will keep talking about opportunities and see what happens.