Day 236 – Sunday

My daughter Elizabeth and I went to the farmers market this morning. I needed to get brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving and we got a few other things. I also saw banana squash for the first time and it is as huge as I imagined. I was considering making the vegetarian entree for Thanksgiving an enormous stuffed squash dish but instead I’ll be more normal about it: vegetarian lasagna.

Later Elizabeth came back over and the four of us went out to dinner and visited which was fun. It is really good to see her. I also got texts from other daughter Catherine that her school got cancelled Monday and Tuesday due to smoke from the fires so she is ready to be picked up. We will drive down early Monday morning to Berkeley to get her.

In between I continued planning and notes for the writing projects I have. I started to map out the explanatory writing and workbook I’m going to make and from there I can extract material for social media posts and other things.