Day 234 – Friday

Some clients can be so much fun to work with

I ran a couple of errands and spend the rest of the day working. I finalized the simple site for Toothfairy Theater what I like most about it is the image of the puppets that they provided and the words they also provided. I just provided a place for that image and those words to go. This was an easy job for an easy client. I look forward to future work with them.

Much of the rest of the time I started planning out writing projects. I’ve been flirting for months with doing marketing writing for my business and things have gotten in the way among other things. Now with my interest in copywriting and a better focus on what to write about, I have a better plan. I’m giving myself a couple of weeks to research and get material written and then will start putting stuff out in public. I plan to tie social media writing with more valuable writing on my website given away in exchange for email addresses so I can grow my email list.

One difference this time is I’m spending time doing deeper research into my chosen writing subjects before starting anything like the final writing. I’ll have more to share in a couple of weeks.

Outside of dinner that was how I spent my afternoon and most of my evening.