qJumpStart My Heart | Day 233 - Thursday

Day 233 – Thursday

I did Friday Networking as usual. My commercial went well. For perspective, I’ve gotten down to a 3 out of 10 wanting to run out of the room due to stage fright down from about 8 out of 10. Progress.

I got some kudos from people in the group. One for meeting him some weeks ago, not trying to pressure him into working with me, and giving him some useful advice . He honestly didn’t need my help, just needs more confidence. Maybe I should have tried to sell that but it isn’t my thing. I also got praise from the woman who owns the shop I’m hoping to start working with saying we are working together. We aren’t yet but I’m glad she thinks otherwise. That gives me more confidence in the proposal I will be presenting to her next week.

I was supposed to have a meeting today with my marketing partner however she was unable to keep it due to a family commitment. I’m not sure where any of that is going but I’m not waiting. I have stuff to do.