Day 219 – Thursday

Morning networking in Folsom was different because there was free breakfast funded by SMUD, the Sacramento electrical utility, with the money run through a separate non profit business networking group. I don’t really know how that works but it stays on my mind because I keep feeling someone is taking advantage somewhere and I’m not quite sure where. Breakfast was fine, but it wasn’t overall a very fulfilling meeting.

After, I went over to have further conversations with my lead from the craft store. We definitely want to work together and there are a couple of options. One of which would fund the project well and I’ll need to but together a more formal proposal for that one which I’ll work on next week and present it to her when I get back. The plan is that I’ll take over all of the online marketing for her store.

After a couple of other errands my mom and step dad and I went out to dinner at Roxy which was good though the chicken I ordered was a bit over cooked. The chicken the night before was definitely better. Dessert was good. There was chocolate and ice cream.

I finished packing and tried to get to sleep early since I have an early start tomorrow.