Day 218 – Wednesday

The Wednesday networking group has a more “fun” theme in general so they had bingo rather than traditional networking. It was ok but not a super exciting use of my time.

When I got back home I did some final tidying up and my mom and step dad arrived back home. All of the evidence of the crazy parties had been erased by the time they got there. I helped them unload the RV and we visited and they rested.

We went out to dinner at the Zinfandel Grill which I’ve mentioned before in this blog (see Day 80). I had the mushroom salad and the mustard chicken both of which are quite good.

Now I’m back catching up on my blog and will do a bit of work on a client proposal I want to have ready for tomorrow. When I was at Disney World, I was just taking notes for my blog rather than writing finished posts that don’t need much editing. Once I got back, I did a bunch more entries that were notes so I have some work to finish those entries.

Note to self, it is really much better to write ready to publish posts that I may polish a bit but which could be ready to go. Writing raw “notes” instead really makes the process take twice as long. I’ll try to remember this. Writing two weeks in advance, though, is still a good idea which I recommend to all bloggers I come across.