Day 217 – Tuesday

Morning networking was good and I met a contact I’ll follow up with to see if there are opportunities. Then a meeting with someone with an actual store and products they sell from that store. I’m working on an initial plan for what I could do for her and then we will see if there is a path forward. What she has going with her store and online sales and social media marketing sound really good so far. She is bringing in more income than expenses (which is called profit, quite a rare thing to see). I kept saying everything looks really good, why do you need any help. And she kept asking how I could help her. She and her business fit in my ideal customer category so hopefully we can work together.

Then a lunch meeting with my marketing partner to talk about current and future opportunities. The couple of proposals we have put out so far don’t seem to be going anywhere but that is ok. That will happen. She has another meeting Saturday with someone who is paying her for some coaching and will need a website and other marketing work going forward.

Then I ran some additional errands and took some notes on the day and did some more writing.