Day 216 – Monday

I had a nice walk today. It feels like early fall. And after breakfast I ran a couple of errands and then got to work.

There was some writing for a marketing video I’m working on with another digital marketing colleague from the networking group. And I wasn’t planning on doing a marketing letter for the networking group this week but one came out anyway. Once I had the title “The Digital Concierge Marketing Detox Cleanse”, I had to finish it.

I also scheduled a couple of meetings tomorrow after the networking meeting. One is with my marketing partner to go over some business. The other is with a potential client from the networking group. She owns a business that has a physical store which sells physical products. It is quite a novelty compare to many of the people I’ve talked to lately.

I felt some amount of angst today about future business success and where I am now. I went over my affirmations a couple of times and thought good thoughts. I should be right as rain tomorrow. I’m realizing part of it is how quiet it is here. The cat isn’t very interested in talking about marketing.