Day 215 – Sunday

I spent today relaxing though I did read some marketing books. Finished one that is practically a pamphlet about how better to interact with people. Nothing surprising or tricky, just common sense understanding of people’s self directed and self centered nature. It was recommended by someone from the networking group and got good Amazon reviews. As some have recommended, I’ll return to it for re-reads (it’s only 33 short pages) to keep the ideas fresh.

The other book is about setting pricing in your business. This one co-authored by the same author as another copywriting book I had read, Dan S Kennedy. He is apparently a giant in the field of sales writing and charges between $100K and $2M for his work. His final product being a letter of some length.  Yes, putting words on paper in exchange for money.  That isn’t the only reason copywriting appeals to me. However I’m a good writer and understanding better how to write persuasively for selling has been fun and in theory is lucrative.

I spent some time with my father and his wife and had a nice visit. She made an amazing soup and he was talkative which was very nice. I look forward to seeing them again in a couple of weeks (I’m traveling in between now and then).