Day 214 – Saturday

I drove to Berkeley to visit my daughter Catherine. I had not done much research into where to eat and the first spot wasn’t suitable. It got decent Yelp reviews however in hindsight I see how I should have interpreted those reviews differently. It is apparently a favorite spot for hungover students.

However, there was good parking so from there we walked to a place she had heard was decent for Belgian waffles and had one each as a snack. Then we saw a few blocks away was a French place that looked interesting: The Drunken Boat.

It was like eating in a French country cottage and we were seated in a window seat. The restaurant is several blocks from campus and doesn’t look as much like college town Berkeley and was very nice. The food was simple and well cooked. We would definitely go back.

After, we did a small amount of grocery shopping and I left her to her studies and Halloween party planning.

Next I drove over to the Walnut Creek / Concord area for a memorial service for the father of a good friend of mine. It was good catching up with him, though under sad circumstances. I’m very glad I went to that.

After a long tiring day, I headed back home.