Day 213 – Friday

I had a good walk in the morning and got some inspiration on text for the video I want to do with the guy from the network group. I wrote up a rough draft and sent it over and he liked it and mocked up the first scene of the video. I’m glad he is excited about it. The idea I came up with is to pitch businesses that no matter what they do to bring people to their website, if the messaging and look isn’t interesting, no one will stick around.

I also re-wrote someones FB advertisement text and sent it to them for free. They liked it and updated their messaging. That was more a test to see what someone would think. There are ways of doing that to get business as well though not everyone has budget. I was just glad in both cases to be writing marketing stuff that people think looks good. The next tests will be to see if what I write can really bring in more business for anyone. Myself included.

I’m really enjoying this focus on writing.