Day 206 – WDW Day 3

Back to Epcot and we are not in a rush to start early since last night was late and tiring. We headed over around 10am after making dining reservations for today and tomorrow.

We intentionally took things slowly as my mom and stepdad were pretty tired from the previous two days. One thing we wanted had too long a line so we saw a trio of short animated films seated in an air-conditioned theater. Then I stopped for fish and chips in the “UK” area. I had heard they were good there and I had been missing good fish and chips since I had some in Brighton years ago. They were delicious, though expensive.

We walked back around to “France” for more ice cream (chocolate and coffee were amazing). Then again saw the movie in the France area seated in an air-conditioned theater.

We walked over to “Japan” and sat a spell there. I wandered into an exhibit of “cuteness” in Japan. (This Wikipedia article seems to give a good explanation: Kawaii. I also spent some time in the large gift shop in the “Japan” pavilion. It also contained lots of examples of Japanese cuteness and I took care of some gift shopping. Beyond the expected Pokemon and Hello Kitty, there were lots of knickknacks related to Studio Ghibli films and other things I didn’t recognize.

We went over to the “America” pavilion and waited for and watched the American Adventure presentation again which is in an air-conditioned theater (see the pattern here). I enjoyed it.

By then it was time to head back for our 4pm dinner reservation in “France”. They have a 3 course meal special which is very nice. We were seated in doors in the air-conditioned restaurant in a back corner with a corner window view of the Paris themed interior street area of “France” so we could watch tourists walk by. The predicted rain started around 3:55pm which cooled things down a bit outside, though we were dry inside. Dinner was good, I had what turned out to be a large green salad with generous portions of bacon on it and beef bourguignon which was also good. Then we had to choose dessert from a list. I chose the chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse sitting on a bed of chocolate sauce with mint chocolate chip ice cream. The ice cream was from the same source as the other place in “France” and the same standard (large) sized scoop. Chocolate sauce was deliciously bitter and cake and mousse were perfect size and flavor.

Then we walked back. The rain had conveniently stopped and it was starting to get crowded. Friday and through the weekend of the Food and Wine festival at Epcot draws in lots of locals and they were all enjoying their different plastic glasses of wine and related spirits. We understand it can get rowdy.

After refreshing at the RV we saw the evening fireworks from the beach again and went to bed. Total walking for today was 4.8 miles.