qJumpStart My Heart | Day 202 - Monday

Day 202 – Monday

I took a nice long walk and it felt good. It was about 4.5 miles and I didn’t feel sore or worn out. That should help a lot when I’m in Florida later this week.

I had a follow up call with my new blogger client and did some work there. I had a longer call with my marketing partner and learned there are two new website projects we may be able to get. One larger and one smaller so I created a “Basic Website Builder” product for those who need something really simple yet still full of quality. I reviewed my pricing and features and provided links to the products. She will be able to quote based on those and pull out information for anything that needs emailing. It helps me a lot to keep my sales offers standardized. I.e. making a website is a product. It has a fixed set of features and a fixed price schedule. The websites all end up different but how I describe them before the sale is standardized.

Hopefully these will jobs work out. It sounds like there are some additional opportunities beyond just the additional website such as advertising and social media marketing. And there will be further deals beyond this. I’m pleased so far with how things are working out with my new marketing partner.

I plan to get up at 5am. I have an 11:15am flight but I want to be further adjusted for the time change.