Day 201 – Sunday

I completely finished the data analysis product including the text and pricing for my web page that describes / advertises it. Now I can unveil it to the other company that thinks they can sell something like that to their own clients and subcontract through me. Again, even if they can’t, I’ve wanted something like this as a convenience for my own clients. What I’ve come up with makes it quick for me to throw together a standard screen full of website data for my clients that will be easier to read than what Google provides. If people want something more customized, that can be what I get paid for. Basic information is how many people per day come to their website, how long people browse the site, what do they look at, etc.

I got a brief note from my marketing partner about a couple of new opportunities that came her way. We will talk about them more tomorrow.

And I roasted pork loin with garlic and rosemary and got a good reminder of why I should do that more often. Garlic and rosemary cooking in pork fat smells amazing.

I’m going to bed early so I can adjust to the upcoming time change. I’ll be in Florida later this week and want to be prepared.