qJumpStart My Heart | Day 186 - Saturday

Day 186 – Saturday

I drove to Berkeley to visit my daughter Catherine. It had been a few weeks since we had visited and there was a Mexican restaurant she wanted to try. The appeal was their service of several different kinds of mole (the sauce, not the fuzzy creature: Mole sauce) and a weekend lunch buffet.

The food was good though not amazing. The fresh made corn tortillas were very nice. I’m sure I’ve had them fresh before but there were straight off the griddle and had a very nice texture. Nothing like what you buy from the store in plastic bags.

We had a fun time talking and she is clearly enjoying her time in college. Much of the discussion was about historic changes in the French Government and comparisons to the US. My kids are doing really interesting things.

I started planning out the new product I’ll be offering next week to coaches in the networking group.

I need to start doing my positive affirmations again. They didn’t stick from when I last mentioned them around Day 102. (I have full text search through my writings so I can find details like that easily).

[I’m writing this part on Friday, day 192 and I can’t quite remember all of the details. I was having a hard time with self confidence leading up to day 186. When I settled on writing a sales letter as part of my presentation in the networking group things started to fall better into place for me. What I forget is that all of the different things I’m doing are all progress forward.]