Day 185 – Friday

There is a business coaching product I’m going to figure out how to offer over the weekend. Something to help you kickstart your business into a higher gear, give yourself a true breakthrough moment, and learn to self actualize with the best of them. But I’m not going to call it anything like that, though. Seriously, the intent is to offer something that would be probably a set of 3 intensive meetings with me to go over business strategy, receive criticism and advice from me, and come away with concrete steps to take to improve their business. And produce a sales sheet I can hand out at networking meetings next week. Pass it around the room. Limited space available right now. Discounted pricing for the networking group. Talk to me to sign up. It’s an experiment.

Another call with another potential client from the networking group. I like him, I’d like to work with him, I’d like to fix his very severely bad website but he doesn’t want to start until January. Or my prices were too high for him. Could be either, I’m not sure. I’lll find time to schedule a quick follow up call next week and ask him in the interest of market research.

The rest of the day went pretty well. I think I’m unsettled by current politics. This is sometimes a stronger influence on my mood than others. I think I accept that it is a strong influence right now. I’m trying to keep this blog mostly apolitical. I have another separate one I can start if I need to go there in a more structured way.