Day 187 – Sunday

I’m generally feeling better today. I’ve found a walk I really enjoy, too. If I go due West and cross the street at the end, I get into an area of older mansions that is very attractive. They have money to keep their lawns green and it is a pleasant walk. The loop I’m doing now is about 4 miles and takes a little over an hour. I’ll do occasional stretches longer than that but I’m happy with this distance for now.

I spent work time during the day (yes, I know it’s Sunday) working on writing for a handout I’ll distribute at the networking group this week. As an experiment, I’m going to pitch in person “work” sessions under the banner of “The Digital Concierge.” I’ll share the letter when it’s ready tomorrow..

Basically, for money I sit down with people over a few sessions and help them get stuff done. Simple, no frills, and super valuable if I can figure out how to pitch it right.

Or I’ll find out that no one in the group is really serious about their businesses. I’m aiming the offer at the coaches in the group figuring the finance and real estate people already have their own teams and the MLM crazies are already using whatever junk marketing their systems provide for them.

I think doing this will set me apart and give me practice in sales based writing which is what is currently fascinating me.