Day 183 – Wednesday

The larger networking group went well and I pulled off my 30-second commercial again without running from the room in panic. Every time I want to do that but I have made it through each time so far. I also consider skipping my turn because no one would be interested in what I’m doing, right? At least that is what the little voice in my head tells me. Yes, I hear voices. It’s just me personifying my inner monologue. I’m getting better at ignoring my inner monologue. He’s a jerk, anyway.

But I talked to some interesting people and that is becoming more natural for me. The talking to people part.

After I went to a meeting with my new financial advisor. I was sort of in the market for one and as long as I remain in enough control I’m ok with change. Plus I like the guy. We may start hanging out. We have similar feelings about some of the networking groups and it is fun to share that perspective.

Then rushing home for a conference call with one of the non-profits and a vendor to see how vendor’s product would be able to help. That was a good meeting and the product looks nice if you happen to have to run a summer camp and keep track of camper registrations, allergies, and other info.

I considered going to a band concert but kept working instead. I continue to be happy with a lot to do. I also wrote a note to my marketing contact saying I’m more comfortable moving forward if we work on a joint project together rather than diving into a partnership. That I could bring her on as an independent contractor and my focus is still her getting those meetings set up I paid for. We’ll see… (Everything is a learning experience)