Day 182 – Tuesday

The small networking group was good this morning. This will probably be the last time at the current location, a Carl’s Jr, and that will be good. My 30-second commercial worked well and I may do a follow up meeting with someone I met there. It sounds like they could use my help.

I’m working with a woman who claims good marketing skills and who is trying to get meetings scheduled with potential clients. She set up an appointment for today but neglected to get me full confirmation information until late yesterday so I was unable to follow up. The potential client didn’t show and I recognize that sometimes that will happen. Marketing woman and I kept talking and continued to consider possibilities for working together. She does a lot of social media marketing, we have complimentary skills. There are possible synergies.

On the other hand, she will say she is going to do something and then something else happens. It is all small things. But it is a pattern. I don’t like patterns like that, even if all small things. It leads me to believe that there is chaos under the surface and I don’t do chaos anymore.