Day 181 – Monday

I had a call with someone from the Folsom network. He introduced the call as wanting to get to know what I did. His reason ended up being so he could try to sell me something. He is a good talker but the product is sort of absurd. Looking further, though, I was astonished at the number of other people from that group who paid $399 a year for that service. I’m really starting to wonder how serious some of these people are about being in business.

I got another call from one of the coordinators with the Folsom network group who wants to get together to talk (probably another sales presentation) and asked if I would do the book report for Thursday and I of course said yes enthusiastically.

I have a meeting tomorrow with a potential client and need to setup a new product on my website to make that real. A bunch of stuff is in progress but not much to talk concretely about yet. I’m feeling busy and good.