Day 180 – Sunday

I worked today, though it is Sunday. I know I said I would set boundaries. However I’m having so much fun with all that I have to do right now. And there are some straightforward projects on my list where if I just get them done, they will be off my list. They aren’t necessarily urgent today but they will make room for more future work.

So I got between 1/3 and 1/2 way through one website redesign project. This one is simple and updating work I did 6 months ago to use better tools I’m now using. It will help the client maintain their site better and it is one of my volunteer projects and I like helping them out.

I did some shopping and figured out some of my menu planning for the week. My health continues to be good as far as I can tell. I have to throw that in occasionally to follow the theme of the blog. I’ve gotten some questions about that. The heart surgery recovery blog that has evolved into seemingly endless anecdotes about my growing business.

It occurs to me that I don’t look at my website very much. I write these entries in a separate note taking program and then copy them over to the website. What I see of my website when I do that is a behind the scenes administrative interface which would look that same way regardless of what my actual website looks like.

That said, I like the growing day numbers and I like the name “Jumpstart my Heart” so I’ll probably keep everything the way it is for now. It is where people know to look for this stuff and it continues to be a good indicator that I am still alive. Or at least I was 2 weeks ago.