Day 179 – Saturday

Except for working today was pretty quiet. There are a lot of projects I’m in the middle of right now. Not all of them bringing in new money yet but things I want to get done so I have space for money projects.

I have been intending to move one of my girlfriend Chris’ class websites over to a new system so it will be possible for her to keep the web pages up to date. I did some preliminary work on that yesterday and finished that today and made a training video for her so she can do some long pending updates. Also a training video for the Sac Jazz group for edits to their third of three websites I’m doing for them.

I got voicemail from someone else from one of the Networking group who sounds like he wants to find out more about what I do. I’ll return that Monday.

And I did some final work for a client I’m letting go after this month. It isn’t an ideal fit and is going to keep costing me more than it is worth. I’ll talk about that with the client on Monday as well.

Over all, a very productive and good day. I’m enjoying being busy.