qJumpStart My Heart | Day 184 - Thursday

Day 184 – Thursday

Yet another networking meeting happened. There was supposed to be a meeting ahead of it with another member but she cancelled at the last minute. Again. 3rd time now so I won’t be rescheduling anything with her. That messed up my walking schedule but I had breakfast.

Network meeting was eventful. I got there early and someone new from last week and I were chatting and then a 3rd person started sabotaging my conversation. See, the subject of my Day 142 entry goes to these groups as well. We have never acknowledged recognizing each other but I’m confident by now that she recognizes me. She is a mean little woman with about zero social acuity. It is amusing watching people be annoyed by her but she flustered me.

I can deal with it now that I know what to expect from her but I severely truncated my 30-second commercial because I was having trouble focusing. In order to give people extra time to talk, there is a weekly book report and as you may remember from Monday I was invited. I chose one of the two marketing books I’ve really enjoyed and gave a summary. I didn’t run from the room and coherent though dry words came out of my mouth. It was fine. People there who are trying to butter me up for different reasons all talked about what an amazing speaker I am. Sweet of them to do so.

After, did my meeting with one of the coordinators of this group. We had a good talk though for about 1/2 of it I thought he was going to launch into a hard sell on the MLM he is part of. He may have been waiting for me to excitedly ask how I could pay the $300 to save my spot. Instead what happened was we started talking about how he could get more business. My usual talk involves identifying your ideal customer, talking about where you find people like that. Do you like social media? No? Ok, don’t so social media. You like public speaking? Good, do more of that. A lot more. And when you have presentation slides, make sure people can download the slides from your website where you will make additional offers. Etc. He was really excited by all of this. I should have a coaching plan available for money that people can pursue.

Note that I didn’t tell him how to do any of those things, just that he should do them (the what part, not the how). If he worked with me one on one, there are written exercises I would put him through and he would probably get a workbook. It would be awesome. I should make something like that.

Rush home for a call with another existing client. We worked on some stuff for a couple of hours and make really good progress. (When I say “existing client” that means someone who is already paying me).

Then eating my missed lunch, going to the grocery store and not buying any bad food (amazing willpower) and then working into the evening.

No word from the marketing woman. I’ll give her a week to get back to me.

One other train of thought I had at the networking meeting this morning was how unrealistic so many of the businesses I see there are. The call I had Monday about the $399 advertising program I’m not doing and seeing how many people have signed up for that freaks me out. I don’t understand the thought process that is going on for a lot of these people. And I need to figure out something I can sell in that price range. As an experiment.