Day 176 – Wednesday

The networking group this morning was a smaller group than last week. Probably about 20 people. My 30 second commercial worked for me again and I successfully wasn’t attached to how well it went or not. I’ll keep working on that indifference and then work on improving it. One of the people there wants to keep talking more about what I do and has some need for social media marketing. I can provide those services though I don’t do those things myself yet. But I have a meeting at 2pm with someone who does. (Those last two sentences were in my head, not said in the conversation).

2pm follow up meeting with the marketing expert goes well. I think there are some really interesting possibilities. I’ve paid her to set up some meetings with leads that she will research. This is an experiment. However, everything she says about marketing and sales makes sense to me. There may be some opportunities for us to work together in some other ways. I do web stuff. She does social media marketing very well. Combine the services into packages. So a tentative working relationship and we will see where it leads.

I caught up on some other work and got through a bunch of things. I’m continuing to feel really busy. No time to do anything but work which is generally pretty good for me. I like what I’m doing and I’m slammed with things to do.

There will continue to be bad days and disasters. However I think this is an indication that going out and meeting people, improving my “peopling” skills as my daughters would say, is paying off.

(Or they might say “oh dad…”)