qJumpStart My Heart | Day 175 - Tuesday

Day 175 – Tuesday

Back to my networking meeting series this morning. It was a small group but there may have been progress in suggesting to the main leader of the group to look at an alternative location. Carl’s Jr at 9:30am isn’t an exciting networking destination.

The rest of the day I worked on different projects. I have a lot of meetings today and continue to have some new and interesting business opportunities. It feels really good to have too much to do in different areas.

I had a really nice meeting in the afternoon with the Jazz Education Foundation that I work with. This is following up on work on their third website and meeting another member of the Foundation. He was excited at all of the areas where he brought up a concern, something that was hard before, and either it is already addressed in the new site or will be straightforward to address. I’m making new friends and getting new fans. It’s fun.