Day 174 – Monday

I got up relatively early and took a walk by the river. There is a lot to do this week with the networking meetings plus additional meetings and things to do. I’m feeling very busy in a good way.

I had a meeting in person with someone I was told was good at marketing, sales, and finding leads. Our meeting went well. Her approach to “sales” is to look at it like customer service. You have a product that will genuinely help people. There are people who have a business need that will be solved with the product. The “sales” process should then be simple because all you are doing is helping a customer for a fee. It is how I look at sales as well.

She asked me a bunch of good questions and was interviewing me as much as I was interviewing her. She seems very smart and good at what she does. We agree it looks like there is a way we can work together and are going to meet again Wednesday to go into more details.

I then rushed over to a meeting with someone else from one of the networking groups so I could learn more about what he does.

Then back home to make curry which came out delightfully and I worked into the evening.