Day 173 – WordCamp Sacramento – Day 2

Stickers on Michael's Laptop

Got up early to go to the farmers market and then take a short walk. I got some nice vegetables which will last a few days. I may make curry tonight but definitely tomorrow.

I went back home to drop off the produce and then came back downtown for day 2 of WordCamp. I got there a few minutes before the first session was starting. (Day 2 started at 11am rather than 9 for Day 1). There were a couple of sessions today that were interesting but the majority were less interesting today than yesterday.

Overall I think the speakers were more interesting at WordCamp Minneapolis than here. It was still definitely worth going to. I learned a lot and it will take some time to fit everything into what I’m doing. I’ll write a separate review blog post on my company blog featuring 3 or 4 of the speakers in a few days.

I was pretty tired by the time it was over. Stopped for a few groceries on the way home and then relaxed for the evening. I’ll make curry tomorrow. Tonight was cooking the left over ground beef into the final hamburger patty with cheese and I had the leftover broccoli and a pear. I wrote up my todo list for this week and blocked out my time. I have a bunch of meetings this week and need to move pretty efficiently. I’m heading to bed fairly early so I can get an early start tomorrow.