Day 172 – WordCamp Sacramento – Day 1

I got up early and went to the first day of WordCamp. I got there around 8am and skipped the registration line due to having my badge from last night. Vendors were still setting up so no one to talk to there so I went to the room where opening remarks were going to happen. I ended up having a really interesting conversation about modern journalism in the age of declining ad revenue.

I’ll do a write up on my business blog of the highlights after tomorrow. Most of the sessions were very interesting and I learned some things I can use in my business immediately. Any one of a handful of the sessions would have made it worth the $40. Lunch was ok and had some interesting conversations there. I learned about a group that meets in the bay area regularly to discuss WordPress technical problems that I wish met regularly in Sacramento and Minnesota. I may have to end up creating the groups I want to have existing in various places.

Overall it was a really good day. I made some promising contacts I will follow up with next week.

I stopped at Vic’s Ice Cream on the way home. I had a double of Cherry Amaretto and Toasted Almond. The latter reminded me a little of Izzy’s Nut Crazy flavor and had a really nice almond flavor. Vic’s makes really good ice cream. Izzy’s is much more expensive which isn’t a bad thing.