Day 171 – Friday

I need to get back into taking walks next week. I didn’t do any mid-week due to the morning networking groups and won’t have a chance until Sunday. I’ll make more time next week.

I talked to a potential client who found me through my Craigslist post in Minneapolis. That was a post for non-profits that need help. She isn’t that but liked what I wrote and reached out. Her website is on Wix, not WordPress, and she wants help learning how to do things on it so I suggested consulting hours and I think she will sign up.

Among other things I had a phone call with someone about doing sales and lead generation. We will meet next week to talk more. I liked her approach of looking at “sales” really as customer service. There is a product that people need to help them, she steers them towards that to help them. That is how I was looking at it.

I’m basically ready for my presentation at WordCamp tomorrow. I have notes, I have the official website for the beginner talks set up to my liking and WordPress running on my laptop in a way that will also work for the talk if the Internet breaks.  They are providing the laptop for the talk and everything is supposed to be pre-configured and the internet at the event is supposed to work great.  So I have my laptop all set up just in case.

I briefly went to the WordCamp speaker/volunteer dinner. I got my badge for tomorrow and chatted with a few people. I ran into Nathan Ingram who gave a talk in Minneapolis that gave me some really good ideas about structuring time. He spoke about scheduling time for chaotic things so you can also schedule time for completely focused things. I thanked him profusely and he was glad that was working for me.