Day 170 – Open mic

I went to the Folsom networking meeting this morning. Today my 30-second stand up and talk about myself didn’t go badly. I didn’t feel nervous going into it. I think the words came out coherently. I said what I intended to say. Huge win. I’ll work on practicing and refining what I do further.

Something new during the meeting was pairing people up to coach each other for 3 minute sessions. My assigned partner and I talked briefly about what we were struggling with. She has a contact who does sales calls really well who I will work on scheduling a meeting with next week. She also needs help in her business with website and marketing and offered to trade her personal development services for my time helping her. I agreed. I think I can help her quite a bit and she seems to know lots of people so the exposure is worthwhile. This is exactly the reason I wanted to come to networking groups. All this after only 2 weeks. I also scheduled a meeting for next week before this group to talk with someone about their business and how I might be able to help.

I felt pretty tired tonight and went to bed early. I don’t think it is surgery recovery. I think it is staying up later and getting up early 3 days in a row for networking. Plus the relative intensity of the networking groups compared to what I’m used to. I’m otherwise feeling ok and eating well.