Day 169 – Wednesday

I went to a Networking group this morning. No surprise there. This one at a coffee shop that they get a section of. There were about 35 people and they are overflowing the space. Outside of the occasional blender running, it works out ok, though.

There were several people I recognized from the other two branches of this group. When it came time to talk, I again forgot my delivery of what I thought was going to be my little joke and got through what I do but it was pretty weak and disjointed. Lots to think about there. Essentially, I need to boil things down to what I’m comfortable talking about. And work on the anxiety of standing up in front of a crowd. My intent is to use the same dogged persistence I apply to solving coding/programming problems where I bang my head against the same wall for hours on end until I figure it out. I always figure it out. Eventually my head feels better.

This is the same way. There is a way for me to figure out how to tell my story the right way and work around whatever physiological and psychological barriers are in my way. The process is fun. You know, just like spending untold frustrating hours solving some dumb computer problem is fun. It must be fun, I keep doing it. Fun, right?

Elsewhere on the plus side, I made an interesting contact at the meeting. Someone who runs a small company providing technical services to businesses and who is looking for more people to partner with. There are areas they don’t want to branch into and I suggested that I am interested in that area and do that thing. Shortly my website will reflect this fact and then I’ll contact his partner and talk more.

Spent the rest of the day working on client working preparing for her to be able to start doing online webinars and other online training for money.

I’m eating well. I’m having a hard time working walks into my routine this week.