Day 168 – Tuesday

I headed over to Carl’s Jr for this mornings business networking meeting. Carl’s Jr is a temporary location and everyone agrees it isn’t ideal. I bring up the point that as a new person last week I had to get past the idea of Carl’s Jr as a location for a networking meeting. Everyone agreed.

It was a small group again this week. 3 plus I from last week and 2 others who hadn’t been there in a while (new to me, not the group). I had a good time. I had worked up a different 30 second commercial about myself this week and it went fine though I forgot to add my small joke in it but I have two more times to tr to get it right this week.

I’m looking at the 30 second commercial or any stand up statement I make about what I do as a short theater piece and I’ll work up a different one each week. It is similar to how I’m looking at publishing to social media when I get to doing that more regularly. (I know, I keep talking about social media. The truth is, going to networking groups is more important right now so while I continue to strategize about social media, it isn’t a focus today. But it is getting closer.  Maybe).

The rest of the day was spent partly on my projects (getting ready for WordCamp) and partly on client work. It was a pretty productive day.

I’ve switched back to writing my blog posts before I go to bed. That works better when I’m in Sacramento. This is part of me adjusting to my different schedule here.