Day 177 – Thursday

Networking with the Folsom group this morning. There was a good sized turn out and chatted with different people there. My 30-second commercial went well and overall it was a good meeting.

There is someone I’m helping out in trade and if that goes will, I will have revised her website and entire marketing approach. If it leads to the business she is expecting to be able to build, I’ll be able to leverage the referral into more interesting things and it won’t take much of my time and I’ll learn a lot.

One tactical mistake.  When the person I was sitting next to offered that she could pay me money to help with something on her site, I suggested that we talk more at length about it so I can make a good recommendation.  That wasn’t the mistake.  I should have set an appointment with her to talk about is vs saying “sounds good, you have my card, go ahead and call me and we can talk more”. Rookie mistake. It will be ok.  But she probably won’t call.

I’m pleased though that people are thinking about ways they can work with me.

I continue to get reinforcement that I know stuff about business. I talk to people and stuff that I see as SUPER basic advice sound to others as amazing and innovative. And this is talking to people who have already paid for business coaching from respected members of the group. Doesn’t make sense to me but I’ll accept the reality. I’m going to be careful to not get ahead of myself an be appropriately patient but I see some intriguing opportunities.

I worked the rest of the day and took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I was running out of steam. Then worked more.

Thai Curry and green beans for dinner. My curry remains really good.